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L’unica persona nera nella stanza

La razza è un concetto difficile da cogliere, pur non avendo fondamenti biologici produce grossi effetti nei rapporti sociali, professionali e sentimentali. La razza in Italia non si palesa fino a quando tu non sei l’unica persona nera in una stanza di bianchi. 

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WRITER, podcaster, AUTHOR

Nadeesha Uyangoda

Nadeesha Uyangoda is a writer, podcaster and freelance author. Her stories have appeared, among others, in Al Jazeera English, The Telegraph, Vice Italy, Open Democracy. Currently she is a columnist for Internazionale magazine and a contributor for Italian newspapers La Repubblica and La Stampa.
Her debut non-fiction book, L’unica persona nera nella stanza [The only black person in the room] earned a spot on many prestigious award longlists and shortlists. She is the creator of the podcast Sulla Razza [About Race], sponsored by Juventus Football Club.
She was awarded a residency at Art Omi International Writers Program (Ghent, NY) in fall 2023.
She lives in Milan with her dog Artù and is represented by Elisa Beretta at The Italian Literary Agency.

Other works

Children’s book

SCATOLINE is a series of essays for little humans. Each book is a word, each word is not explained, nor defined, but rather narrated.


White Tears/Brown Scars tells a charged story of white women’s active participation in campaigns of oppression. I wrote the preface to its Italian translation.


For one-of-a-kind travel book The Passenger, I wrote a literary reportage about the Srilankan community in Milan and its ethnic microeconomy.

Short story

K is a literary magazine published by Linkiesta and directed by Italian writer Nadia Terranova. I wrote a short story on home for its 4th issue, themed Happiness.

Sulla Razza

I created  Sulla Razza  in April 2020, a podcast written and co-hosted with Nathasha Fernando and Maria Mancuso. It is powered by Juventus Football Club.

Sulla Razza  aims to translate into Italian words and expressions from the angloamerican culture —  BAME, colourism and fair skin privilege. 

Its first season was produced by Undermedia. Extra contents are available on Vice Italia. The second season is produced by One Podcast.

What I have been up to


Member of Feltrinelli Education’s advisory board. I delivered a course on writing about book — “Con le parole giuste. Imparare a scrivere di libri”.


Book Pride is an Italian leading independent book fair. For its 7th edition I was the curator of a special section focusing on language, “Traiettorie linguistiche”.



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