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Nadeesha Uyangoda is a freelance author, who has worked with national and international media. Her writings focus on race, identity and migration. She was born in Colombo (Sri Lanka), brought up in the Milanese suburbs (Italy). Her work has appeared, among others, in Al Jazeera English, Rivista Studio, The Telegraph, Vice Italy, Open Democracy. She’s writing her first book, and lives in Milan with her dog Artù.

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I created  Sulla Razza  in April 2020, a podcast written and co-hosted with Nathasha Fernando and Maria Mancuso. It is powered by Juventus Football Club and produced by Undermedia. Extra content is available on Vice Italia.

Sulla Razza  aims to translate into Italian words and expressions from the angloamerican culture, which we insist on applying to the Italian social context as well — for instance BAME, colourism and fair skin privilege. Sulla Razza is a conversation about race in Italy and it wants to provide non-white Italians with words to narrate their own experiences as minorities in the country. Words such as race, n-word or blackface have an impact on our lives. 

We need to take control over the language in order to control the conversation about us.


you can find me: 

  • podcasting Sulla Razza [About Race] with Maria Mancuso and Nathasha Fernando
  • working on the 6th edition of Milano Città Mondo, organised by Comune di Milano

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If you are curious about my work or you have any question, I might’ve already gotten into it at Book Pride or S/Confini or Chiamando Eva. Or I may have talked about it at the European Parliament, NextGen – Festival of new generations, or in this talk with publisher and philosopher Maura Gancitano or in this interview with influencer and blogger Aya Mohamed.


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